Time for the Family VACA!

Sander’s Sightseers

Hey there family, friends, and everyone else who follows our family blog!  The earth has decided to make another trip around the sun, so it is time for us to make our annual family trek.  This year we have decided to head north to Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin to cooler temps and two weeks of family time.  After the year we had, we are in almost DefCon 5 desperate need to get the heck outta Dodge.

As always, Sally and Hunter will be weighing in every now and then on their experiences from the trip.  Our newest Sander’s Sightseer this year is Hailey, our cub reporter on all things “fashionable” along the way.  She will be giving us her take on the “this is taking forever” long road trip and time at the lake.

The kids will be off of school soon, Sally will be released for the summer from her teaching job, and I am taking a much needed break from the office.  We have been looking at places to go for a couple of months and finally landed upon Fond-du-Lac, WI.  The question we have received from most of our friends and family is, “How did you find this place?”  We had a number of criteria we decided on before looking at destinations.

Sally’s criteria were:

1. She wanted to have a place where she could relax by a beach.

2. She wanted a cooler climate where she wouldn’t get all sweaty by the beach.

3.  No oceans where she would have to be worried about the “wildlife”.

Hunter put in his two bits and said:

1. Not boring.

2. Outdoor stuff to do.

3. Nothing stupid

Hailey had a little more direct input this year and her suggestions were:

1.  Someplace cool!

2.  Someplace I can hang out and shop

3.  Someplace with Wifi

And last but not least, me and my whims:

1.  Fishing

2.  Forest

3.  Good bed to sleep on

Hiking, Boating, Relaxing, Fishing, and a little sight-seeing will be our primary relaxation objectives while there.  We found a place that met all of our criteria and was plenty far enough away to call it a vacation.  We’re also looking forward to visiting here:

If you follow us regularly, you know why we need this trip.  Sally has been doing well with her new job teaching 8th grade English, but with the poor weather this last winter and spring, the schools had to add 3 weeks to the end of school which made it a nightmare in the hallways.  They have all been more stressed than they should be this time of year.  Hunter and Hailey are in the same boat but have been troopers dealing with all this stress at school and understanding the issues.  I need this vacation because my job in sales has fortunately been booming, but I need to spend more time with my family.  Travelling around all over the nation selling insurance and warrantees for vehicles has been financially a blessing, but relationally a curse.  Don’t mean to whine, but if you try to call our cells while we are on vacay over the next couple of weeks, PLEASE don’t be offended when we don’t answer!

Signing off for now.  Got to start the packing and leaving process.

Blessings to you and yours from us and ours.

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